Hostel and Accommodation at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy

kyrgyz state medical academy hostel no.1 bishkek kyrgyzstan

General Information Regarding Hostel at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy:

  • Kyrgyzstan is a multinational and multicultural country with more than 80 nationalities living here.
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has six hostels: 4 hostels placed in the area of the main campus and three hostels near the main campus.
  • Hostels are different for local students and international students.
  • There are only three hostels available for international students who belong from India, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, turkey, Palestine, Nepal, Bangladesh etc
  • Foreign Students live in Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel No. 1, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel No. 7, Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel No. 8 and Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Hostel No. 9
  • Girl’s hostel is separate, and they only live in KSMA Hostel No. 8.
  • All the rooms are comfortable and fully furnished. The rooms are provided with Internet access. Facilities for students are arranged on a sharing basis.
  • There are common areas, multimedia centres, leisure rooms, reading rooms, etc. for students where they can socialize. All the hostels are under protection 24×7.
  • International students are suggested to live in the separate International Students Hostel which is fully designed for foreign citizens needs.
  • International students can also engage and live in other hostels, flats, and so on. But in such case students themselves are responsible for seeking and paying for accommodation place.
  • For more useful and inspiring exchange, KSMA also offers co-living with local students in host-families for international students for better cultural exchange.

Hostel Facilities at Kyrgyz State Medical Academy:

The facilities at the hostel of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy include:

  • Large hostel campus
  • Spacious rooms available on sharing basis
  • High security for students
  • CCTV surveillance all around the campus
  • Anti-ragging regulations to protect students from acts such as ragging, teasing or bullying
  • Readily available services at walking distance from the main campus
  • Affordable prices of rooms.
  • Guards are present for the security of students 24×7
  • The students are provided with clean food and water at the hostel
  • Indian food mess is available for students
  • All the necessary comforts are provided to students in and around the campus.

Studying Room is availble at every floor of Hostel:

Near Warden's Room and some facilities for Students:

  • Student can get basic food and snacks from the ground floor.
  • They don’t need to go to the supermarket (Norodny in the Russian Language) for getting milk, eggs, breads and basic foods and snacks.
  • In every Hostel of KSMA, there is recharge machine available so students can recharge their mobile phones and wifi connections.
  • Students don’t need to purchase a blanket and bedsheets, etc. , Warden of the hostel provides these all.

Washroom, Kitchen and Laundry facilities in Hostel:

  • Kitchen is free for students.
  • They can prepare food theirself but in first year mess is mandatory for all international students.
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is provided at time in Hostel.

Student's Room and Mess facilities at Hostel: