Kyrgyz State Medical Academy World Ranking

Kyrgyz State Medical Acacdemy

Ranking and Recognition of Kyrgyz State Medical Academy (KSMA):

When it comes to knowing about Country ranking & World ranking, the Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has been at 12th and 8947th positions gradually.

Though there is no official ranking given for KSMA, there are some websites that have given ranking to this college. These websites give the following information on Kyrgyz State Medical Academy Ranking.

KSMA World Ranking by 4icu:

  • Country Rank: 12
  • World rank: 8947

KSMA World Ranking by Webometrics:

  • Ranking: 4
  • World rank: 8398
  • Impact rank: 16697
  • Openness Rank: 7420
  • Excellence Rank: 5679

KSMA World Ranking by Unipage:

  • World rank: 11007
  • Country Rank: 11

However, KSMA is unquestionably the number 1 ranked college for studying medicine course in Kyrgyzstan because of the following reasons:

  • Founded in 1939, one of the Top-ranked and oldest medical colleges in Kyrgyzstan
  • Government university
  • Concentrates only on medical education
  • Highest FMGE passing percentage in Kyrgyzstan

Accreditation License:

  • The Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has been approved as well as recognized by the Ministry of education and science, Kyrgyzstan.
  • Kyrgyz State Medical Academy has accreditation from the National Medical Commission, Pakistan Medical Commission and World Health Organization (WHO).