KSMA New Campus “Tash Dobo”

ksma new campus

KSMA New Campus- Tash Dobo ( Student Campus of KSMA named after Akylbekov I.K )

Due to the increase number of international students, Rector of KSMA, Indira Kudaibergenova chose to make a new campus for international students and in August, 2018 has endorsed the Order №220 on the Establishing of the educational building in the village of Tash-Dobo for the faculty of foreign citizens with 5–year lasting training. Later in September, the Academic Council determined to give the name of ex-Rector Professor Iskender Akylbekov to the campus. This campus location is also known as Voronsovka Campus.

The campus has teaching and support rooms for all regulations. Currently, the campus has 3 buildings, 3 hostels (1 for girls and 2 for boys). International students of the 1st year study in the campus and total number of students is 515 distributed 21 groups; students are citizens of India, Nepal, Palestine, Afghanistan and South Korea. The subjects, which first year students take are normal anatomy, histology, physiology, biology, bioorganic chemistry, biochemistry, foreign languages such as Latin, English, Russian language, Kyrgyz language, sports, philosophy, History of Manas, physics and mathematics from 12 departments.
There are dining rooms for students, a library with a reading room as well as a doctor’s office, where students can seek help if necessary in the campus. A sports ground is organized on the street.

General Information regarding KSMA New Campus- (Tash Dobo):


The purpose of the establishment of the faculty for foreign citizens is to develop qualified experts in the specialty “doctor-general practitioner“, who speak English to sustain their professional activities in foreign countries.

The main objectives of the faculty for foreign citizens are:

  • meeting the requirements of society for qualified medical personnel with higher education, fluent in English;
  • Training of professors who are fluent in English;
  • Development of medical education experts;
  • Distribution of knowledge among the population, raising its general educational level;
  • Accumulation, preservation, and enhancement of the moral, scientific and cultural importance ​​of the society in the field of medical science;
  • The attraction of additional funds for the development of medical education and medical science.

Currently, our faculty enrolls 1,150 students from 12 foreign countries, specifically, from Pakistan, India, Palestine, Syria, South Korea, Malaysia, Nepal, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Jordan, Turkey, Yemen, and Sri Lanka.

The instructional process at the faculty for foreign citizens is built on the basis of the use of an integrated training system developed with the help of professionals from WHO (World Health Organization) and the most suitable for teaching foreign students. Modernization of the educational process and its approach to international standards according to the “Development Strategy of the I. K Akhunbayev Kyrgyz State Medical Academy for 2010-2020” is the fundamental principle underlying the activities of all faculties of the KSMA, and especially the faculty for foreign citizens.

International students are instructed at 50 departments of the KSMA. The teaching staff is staffed by highly qualified employees, many of whom have extensive teaching experience; in total, the faculty employs 140 teachers, of whom 10 are doctors and 80 applicants of science, 9 professors, 39 professors, 18 senior teachers, 48 ​​assistants.